What Should I Expect at Mediation for Divorces?

Divorce is a devastating experience. Anyone who’s gone through a divorce can give testament to that. Divorce, in most cases, is a decision that isn’t taken lightly. It’s a matter that can go south and leave a bitter taste in the mouths of all parties involved. Many don’t know what to expect going into the process.

Video Source

The YouTube video “What can I expect at divorce mediation” helps prepare viewers. The video highlights what divorce mediation is and the steps in the process. Mediation for divorces can be an effective process if parties have the right mindset going into it.

Preparing for Mediation

Both parties should go into divorce mediation to resolve it as fast as possible. Of course, this is what would happen in a perfect world. Divorce is rarely an amicable affair. The process starts with information gathering. The mediator uses this information to begin the proceedings. For the most part, divorce mediation is a negotiation process. Both parties will try to get as much out of the process as possible. A skilled mediator will keep the process amicable.

The mediator will address any issues between the parties and try to resolve their concerns. The goal is to find a way forward and settle the divorce outside court. If the mediator cannot resolve the matter, it will move to divorce court.