How Dissolved Air Flotation Works

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Dissolved Air Flotation, also called DAF, is a process used to purify waters. This video will show how DAF works to give your home clean and potable water.

First, a solution of flocculent is made in a mixing tank. Then the dirty water is sent into the first stage of the DAF process. This water has solid bits of material in it which start to crowd around each other. The flocculent is added to coagulate them together.

The water and coagulated solids, or “flocs”, then flow into the main body of the DAF system. White water in this section of the system lifts the floc to the surface for easier filtration.

The water flows through a series of scrapers that remove the floc. The coagulated floc forms a sludge that gets scraped into a sludge tank and separated from the clean water. This clean water is drained from under the sludge.

The final stage has the water sent to an interceptor for foaming and pH consent before being sent to the sewers. The sludge is then sent for further dewatering and treatment.

For more information on how a dissolved air flotation system works, click on the link to the video above.