Inside Look at a Loading Dock Leveler

A loading dock leveler and a loading dock repair service are both incredibly important to shops. The most common type of dock leveler is a spring-loaded one.

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However, there are also hydraulic and air powered variations too.

The first thing to consider when working on a dock leveler is safety. This means always using the maintenance strut for your safety when you go under a leveler. Pulling the chain will release the springs, pushing the deck up. In all of these moving parts, one common issue is that the springs lose their tension, which you’ll then have to go and add yourself. However, going too tight may prevent the lift from falling back down. Your lift’s shocks can also fail and need to be replaced. Along with that, levelers are also commonly used and can need replacing with wear and tear.

No matter the issue that you run into, always make sure to operate safely and cautiously. Furthermore, remember to follow all directions given to you, as in complicated machines like this there is a reason for everything.