What Is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is all around us, but some people don’t realize that they are surrounded by it every single day of their lives. Luckily, a video on Youtube called “What Is Infrastructure?” explains exactly what it is. Infrastructure is things such as roads, buildings, bridges, airports, etc.

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It’s also the networks between countries such as ports, electric lines, internet providers, and even the subway.

Some infrastructures are not visible to our eyes such as water pipes and wastewater connections, but all these inventions are designed to make our lives easier and better. It’s the way our society functions on a normal day-to-day basis. Infrastructure fuels the economy, our quality of life, and the way we experience the world. Trains, highways, railways, etc. are the best options for moving and delivering the things we need, and the best part is that most of the infrastructure we need is connected with each other.

Most of these inventions were designed by engineers, and we’ve had them for so long that most people forget they weren’t always there. Our lives wouldn’t be sustainable if they weren’t. That’s why a power outage can be catastrophic, or we panic when the train doesn’t arrive on time for any reason. You can find out more details from the video and tell us, what is the most important piece of infrastructure in your life?