Signs You Need a Water Damage Restoration Company

There are several causes of water damage. Burst pipes, faulty appliances, adverse weather conditions, and plumbing issues are some of the main causes. The video demonstrates when to hire a water damage restoration company.

Signs of Mold

Mold grows in places of excess moisture. This indicates a leak that needs to be addressed quickly as mold is hazardous.

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Bubbling Paint

When you notice the bubbles or blisters on the paint, this means that the wall has been exposed to water.

Flooring Issues

If you have wooden flooring that starts to warp, or tiles that become loose, this indicates water damage due to leaks underneath the flooring.

Water Pools

Stagnant water on the floor indicates a leak. This needs to be addressed immediately to avoid further damage and electrical accidents.

Discoloration on Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

This is definitely a sign of water damage. Brown streaks on ceilings and the sides indicate blocked gutters and a leaky roof.

Take steps to water-damage-proof your house. It is costly to repair the damage done by water, so regular maintenance and checks must be carried out. Contact a reputable water damage restoration company for assistance.