Can I Add a Second Floor Addition to My Home?

A builder’s most frequently asked question is whether adding a second floor to a house is possible. Here is the straightforward answer, yes, it is. As this video explains, it is wise to find out if a sound floor addition makes sense financially. So, before settling on a second-floor addition, here are two important factors to consider.

A house plan – Starting by exploring the current house plan. Reviewing the foundation and footing to determine whether the structure can hold a second floor.

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Also, the review will help you determine elements you can work with or which need strengthening.

Cost – After a thorough house plan investigation, the next step is calculating the cost needed for the work. The price will be friendlier if the existing house structure can comfortably hold a second floor addition. But if not, the project will be much more costly. Installing house footing adds up to the cost.

It is possible for a second floor addition to any house. But the question is whether it makes sense financially to do so. The best way to determine the cost is to start with your current house plan and determine whether the current structure can support the addition. Go on and add a new floor to your house for extra space and a swanky look.