What Is EMDR Trauma Therapy?

There are a lot of traumas that can lead to mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes, talk therapy isn’t enough to get people past their bad memories and the images they constantly see. According to Psyche Hub, eye movement desensitization reprocessing can be a helpful type of therapy for many who suffer from PTSD. It can help when other treatments aren’t helping enough with the ill effects of the disorder.

EMDR trauma therapy is a type of therapy that is evidenced based and found to be effective. It works by having a therapist trained in this type of therapy to keep the patent comfortable and relaxed.

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Then, the therapist teaches a number of ways to become calmer and to reach goals that the two people set together. The patient then discusses the memories that are making life harder for them during EMDR trauma therapy.

While they talk about these memories, something is in motion for them to keep their eyes on. This may be a pencil or other small item being held by the therapist. This is calming and allows the person to talk more easily. This desensitizes people to the memories and makes them have less power over the patient.