A Guide on Shutter Installations

Shutters are also hinged panels that you can fix either inside or outside the windows. It works as a window cover that could keep unwanted light out. It gives the home added security and provides the privacy you need.

With that in mind, shutter installations should be done accordingly. In this blog, you will learn more about shutter installations and useful tips to get the job done right.

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Choose an Open Area

The shutters should be dismantled into pieces before it was sent to you. You have to inspect every frame or panel sent to you. Make sure it is intact and has no signs of cracks and dings. Each component has unique tags that adhere to the installation guide.

Drilling of Frames and Panels

Frames should be fixed together to their right shape before it fits onto the window. Ensure that edges from the sides come with equal allowance. Once it’s successfully fixed, panel installation will not be that challenging.

Removing Shutters

If previous shutters need replacement, you have to remove them before you do anything else. That way, you could figure out how old shutters are being attached.

Positioning and Leveling of Shutters

Before installing the shutter, the shutters should be leveled and positioned the right way. There should be no gaps and if you are using a level, ensure that the shutter is plumb.