What is Energy Conservation vs Energy Efficiency

Lately, a lot more people have been more conscious about their carbon footprint. This involves the different activities they engage in and the types of products they use. It can even include the companies that make certain products. In this Youtube video, IGS Energy breaks down a couple of different terms that are being used when talking about energy use: energy conservation and energy efficiency.

The first term they explain is energy conservation.

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This is means that a person is simply cutting back on their energy use. This can mean riding your bike to work on some days and driving the next, taking shorter showers, and making sure lights are off when not in use.

Energy efficiency is similar but is not based on habits. It is cutting down on the energy required. For example, you can switch out your normal incandescent lightbulbs for LED ones. They have the same function but one uses less energy while one.

If you are truly looking to cut back on your carbon footprint then combining energy conservation services and energy efficiency can be most impactful. For example, you can use an LED lightbulb for your lamp but also make sure it is only turned on when it is in use.