What Are Some Basic Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems?

If you want to learn about fire sprinklers, it’s important to as the pros at fire sprinkler companies. Fortunately, we have some know-how that you can benefit from, too. Here, we’ll talk about a few basic types of fire sprinkler systems that you can consider for your home or for your commercial property.

The first thing you need to know is that there are four different types of water-based fire sprinkler systems: wet, dry, deluge, and preaction. Wet sprinkler systems are named so because the pipes connecting the sprinkler heads are filled with water regardless of whether there’s a fire or not.

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Dry systems, on the other hand, are filled with air until a sprinkler head is activated. At that point, water floods the pipes and comes out of the sprinkler heads to suppress the fire.

No matter what type of fire sprinkler system design you use, it’s important to make sure you have all of the necessary knowledge to ensure it’s running properly. It’s also important to make sure you invest in inspections on a regular basis. Fire sprinkler companies can perform this service for you.