This Minecraft Mod Adds Cute Mushroom Creatures

A Minecraft mod called Mushlings adds cute little humanoid mushrooms to the popular sandbox game. You and your friends are sure to love this addition. If you have a dedicated server, you could be taming these beasts together.

Mushlings can be found in two of the biomes of vanilla Minecraft. That is, they can be found in dark forests and mushroom fields.

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However, you will have to keep a keen eye out for them as they seem to be fairly rare. However, this makes finding one all the more exciting. Not to mention, Mushlings add new gameplay mechanics. Take a bucket of water and right click on a Mushling to give it a drink. Shortly after, the Mushling will sprout a vine nearby that will grow into food. This food does not restore much hp. However, sustenance is not the real selling point of this food. The real benefit is that it gives the player several minutes of haste five. This is a much higher level of haste than can be found in the base game. This means that you will want to eat this plant before going mining if you want to mine much faster.