What Is Biological Insecticide Technology?

The world’s population significantly relies on plants and animals for food. Without this food source, the world would barely sustain its population. Nevertheless, it is not only humans who enjoy eating these products, but also agricultural pests. Luckily, modern agriculture now incorporates recent developments like biological insecticide technology, which helps control and kill pests.

Pesticides come in various forms depending on the type of pests we are trying to control.

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An insecticide is a type of pesticide that kill insects that cause damage to animals or crops. As mentioned in the YouTube video, biological insecticide technology entails producing insecticides made from natural materials that can kill or control pests.

The source of these natural materials can be animals, bacteria, or plants (as illustrated in the video). In simple terms, biological insecticides are made of living things.

There are many advantages of using biological insecticides instead of conventional insecticides. While biological insecticides consist of naturally occurring materials, conventional insecticides consist of synthetic chemicals or agrochemicals. Therefore, conventional insecticides are used to kill pests rather than control them. Additionally, biological insecticides are less toxic than traditional insecticides.
Biological insecticide technology products present farmers with a lot of advantages. Velifer, for instance, has a very low resistance development.