Moving to the Mountains: A Short Guide to Helping Those New to Colorado

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Updated 12/7/20

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There are all sorts of reasons why people move around. Sometimes you get a lucrative job transfer offer and can’t resist for yourself or your family. Other times you simply want a change of scenery and have a desire to see the world in all its technicolor glory. Every so often, you move because it just simply no longer makes sense to stay where you are and keep living. the same life you’ve always inhabited. Whether you hire a commercial moving company or pack up the boxes yourself, the concept is the same, and changing physical locations is more than a logistical challenge.

Moving can be hard, especially if you’ve never been to the place you’re moving before. Moving to CO (Colorado) can be even more difficult if you’re not used to the “Mountain West” and the unique landscapes and geography that it’s a part of. Those born in the Eastern United States or even the West Coast will find this area of the country distinctively different than anyplace else. Not only in flora, fauna, and economics, but culture as well. With approximately 5.7 million people living in Colorado, there are obviously a lot of people who have chosen to call it home for a number of reasons that can be explored.

In this article we’ll give a brief overview of the history of Colorado up to the present day, and touch on some of its finer cultural attributes. We’ll also go over its unique climate and environmental conditions, along with what to expect when you’re moving to CO, even if you’re a seasoned pro at visiting. It is our hope that this article will not only be informative, but also lively and entertaining to read as well.

A Brief History of “The Centennial State”

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The state that we now call “Colorado” was first visited by Spanish explorers in the 1500s and the territory was claimed for Spain by Juan de Ulibarri in 1706. The U.S. was fortunate to obtain eastern Colorado as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the central portion in 1845 with the admission of Texas as a state, and the western part in 1848 as a result of the Mexican War. After a series of legal scuffles and shuffles with the Colorado Territory being organized in 1861, it finally because the State of Colorado in 1876 and adopted its own constitution. It is know as “The Centennial State” because it became a state in 1876, approximately 100 years after the United States became a separate and independent nation from Great Britain.

Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs are historically the largest cities in the state, all with unique cultures and similar climates since they are located east of the beginning of the Rocky Mountains. This part of Colorado is known as “The Front Range” and is the largest population corridor in the state. While these cities are well West of the state line near Kansas, they are a world away from the flat, farming communities that dominate that area just as much as the towns and cities in the Western Slope (anything West of The Front Range). The larger cities of Colorado tend to dominate state politics and have the most real estate development of anywhere in the state. While parcels of rural land are still available, they are increasingly hard to find at affordable prices.

Colorado has the highest mean elevation of any state, with more than 1,000 Rocky Mountain peaks over 10,000 ft high and 54 towering above 14,000 ft. Pikes Peak, the most famous of these mountains, was discovered by U.S. Army lieutenant Zebulon M. Pike in 1806. Hiking and outdoor actives dominate the state’s culture, owing to the wonderful high desert climate and adequate sunshine. Like its neighbors New Mexico and Utah, Colorado has a fair amount of desert land mixed with forests and mountains, creating a unique topography that has something for everyone. If you’re moving to CO, you’ll want to be acquainted with the odd weather patterns and things to look out for.

The Weather in Colorado

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The weather in Colorado is unique, to say the least. Because of its unique topography that includes mountains, deserts, and forests, Colorado weather can be seemingly random at best and unpredictable at its worst. Especially if you are choosing to live close to the mountains, you should expect to experience all four seasons in one day: sunny cloudless days easily give way to rain, which brings us to Colorado’s other unique asset of lots of hail. Moving to CO will mean watching out for hail during the summer and winter months so that you don’t have to do house roof repair or automobile damage control. Usually, the hail is quite small, but sometimes it can be a burden.

The random and unusual weather in Colorado is also something to consider when partaking in many of the state’s outdoor actives. Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, or simply sitting in one of Denver’s many parks, you’ll want to be dressed in layers and have a backup plan. What is a perfect sunny day might turn brisk or rainy in a matter of minutes, so a light waterproof jacket will always suit you well. In a similar vein, having a backpack filled with essentials of water, cell phone, energy bars, and perhaps a map will never be a bad idea when moving to CO.

If you have sensitive assets (such as antiques or a cherished automobile), the information about hail might concern you enough to look for a new storage container for sale. These can be bought or rented at many storage facilities around Colorado, and when you’re moving to CO you should look up the appropriate information for a location near you or see if there are private listings to behold. Otherwise, it’s probably best to sell these items or leave them somewhere more secure for the time being.

Housing in Colorado


Moving to CO can be a wonderful experience in many ways, but it can be tough to try and find an affordable home in the major cities. Denver is the most populous metropolitan area with an approximate population of 700,000 people for the city. Its metropolitan area is larger at around 3.5 million people and is where 85% of the state of Colorado resides because of its location to industry, culture, outdoor opportunities, and more. Unfortunately, this popularity comes with a price that is reflected not just in the property tax history, but median home price overall. The median home price in Denver is $465,000 which is well above average for most cities that are not on the coasts. The housing market is both competitive and pricey, meaning that it’s probably better to rent first when moving to CO before deciding to buy.

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Renting in any of Colorado’s larger cities can be a good way to ease yourself into the state while not having to make a large financial commitment that perhaps will be illiquid. You can still have sliding patio doors on an amazing luxury apartment or condo in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Fort Collins. Depending on what you do for work, you may actually be ill-suited to living in Denver and prefer one of these smaller cities that have differing industries. If you’re in the military, residing in Colorado Springs will most likely be your first choice because of its high concentration of bases, training camps, and more. If you’re inclined academically or entrepreneur-minded you will more than likely visit Boulder or Fort Collins to inquire about work at the many colleges and start-ups available in both cities.

If you’re not into Denver, and would prefer to live in a more rural area where you can have multiple wood storage sheds and gaze at the stars, then you might consider moving to the mountains or desert in CO. Cities like Glenwood Springs, Vail, Aspen, Fruita, and Durango all have appealing city structures while having the benefit of being out in the middle of glorious nowhere. Out here, land varies between cheap (and without utilities or structure) to expensive and exclusive. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of “middle ground” when it comes to housing options out here and any special kitchen design that you want you will probably have to contract out yourself. But there is something beautiful and magical about the Colorado wilderness that most everyone should experience before they die.

The Culture of Colorado

The culture of Colorado is something to keep in mind when you’re moving to CO, as it is distinct and unique from many of the other regions of the USA. Out West, there is a rugged and individualistic attitude that tends to shape people until you get to the West Coast, in which the culture has echoes of the industries and tendencies of the East Coast that will remind you of New York City, Boston, or Baltimore. Certain things will simply not be available if you are in a rural enough part of the state, and you will have to travel to find them. For example, if you’re trying to sell antique furniture and get furniture appraisals out in Salida, that might be difficult, but possible in high-class towns like Vail or Aspen (even though they’re just as remote). The economic mix of who lives in certain areas will determine a good majority of services that are available. We’ve already talked about its largest metropolitan area (Denver), but how does this compare to the rest of the state?

Moving to CO will embolden many people to ask you questions about what is possessing you to move to this state in the middle of the country. You usually have to have a genuine passion for the outdoors or specific industries that dominate the state in order to justify the extra expenses at the end of the day, but it is not required. People move to Colorado for all sorts of different reasons, from practicing real estate law in the many neighborhoods of the cities to studying in medical school in Colorado’s excellent universities. However, the state is known for specific cultural industries that we’ll explore here for a bit.

Beer is a major industry in Colorado, with Lower Downtown hosting many bars and independent breweries to eat and drink at such as The Denver Beer Company, Wynkoop Brewing, and much more. Alcohol in general is a major industry of Colorado, and outside of the extensive beer market, there are also markets for “Colorado Whiskey,” wine, and other craft alcoholic beverages such as mead. The famous Coors brand of mass-produced beer is from Colorado, being brewed in Golden, a suburb of Denver.

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Cannabis (also known as marijuana) is also becoming a major industry in Colorado, having been one of the first states to legalize its recreational use in 2014. In 2019, the cannabis industry in Colorado was worth an estimated $1.4 billion and was slated to keep growing like it has every year. Dispensaries are authorized to sell and distribute cannabis to adults 21 and over, with additional laws applying to those who are classified as medical patients. In dispensaries, you can buy flowers (from the plant), pre-rolled joints, edibles, creams, and a whole host of other genuinely unique cannabis products. Be sure to look at to determine the official rules and regulations for cannabis use for adult consumers. Don’t trust any websites or information other than those put out by the Colorado state government, and please remember that cannabis is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

Life at 5,280 Feet is Dynamic

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Whether you’re moving to CO tomorrow or still trying to decide, rest assured that Colorado is a wonderful state to visit or live in. With so many things to do and opportunities abounding, there are certainly much worse places in the country for you to live. If you’re used to crowded and cramped spaces like New York City, the wide open spaces of Colorado will be restorative to your soul and feed your sense of wonder and expansion. The many parks, abundant wildlife, and interesting people will surely appeal to those with a sense of adventure and a keen spirit for liveliness. Whether you’re catching a concert at Red Rocks Park (in Denver) or skiing down a slope in Vail, it will be abundantly clear that you’re truly living in the great outdoors that has been personified as Colorado.

Always remember that moving doesn’t have to be permanent. Just because you’re moving to CO now doesn’t mean that you can’t move back if you don’t like it. Certain places are not for everyone, and there’s never any shame in deciding that you’ve made a tactical error in your life. If anything, it’s a sign of maturity and wisdom that you can admit you made a mistake. Perhaps your mind will change once you see the vast mountain ranges and colorful parts of Colorado, but if it doesn’t then that’s OK too. Nobody has to live anywhere they don’t want to, and shouldn’t be forced into a lifestyle or location. The choice, at the end of the day, truly is yours.

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