How to Get a Rough Estimate for Your Sealcoating Project

Is your paved driveway looking rough? It would be better protected with sealer. How much does it cost? By what criteria do sealcoating companies arrive at a number? Marvin with Wisco explains in the video.

Factors affecting a sealing estimate are the measurement of the driveway, the asphalt and sealer material, if the drive is damaged, a thick or thin sealant, labor, and location:

  • Square footage. Typical sealant cost is $.06 and $.38 per square foot, which doubles with two coats.

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  • Driveway material. Concrete must cure before it can be sealed. Asphalt doesn’t.
  • Sealer. Spray sealants cost a little more. Concrete sealers can be either water-based acrylics or solvents.
  • Damaged driveway. Cracks and holes will be filled by the sealer. Deeper pits or crumbling asphalt require replacement.
  • Sealant type. While asphalt sealer is more common, other types of sealants could be more expensive synthetics.
  • Labor. Labor is 50 to 70 percent of a sealant job. Expect to pay more for repairing damaged asphalt before sealing.
  • Location. Costs vary between least-traveled rural areas and heavy traffic areas as well as in cold areas versus warm or hot areas.

Numerous sealcoating companies are independent contractors placing bids on your sealer job. This is how they do it.