How Do C13 Plugs Work?

There are so many different types of plugs out there, that most people really have no idea that different plugs are designed for different uses and actually have different features. C13 plugs are one of those “specialty plugs” that you find on many types of electronics.

What are c 13 plugs and what makes them a stand-out option from other types of plugs? This pressing question is answered in this short video that shows you the benefits of this type of plug. First this type of plug should always be IEC certified to ensure the best value and performance.

Video Source

This type of c 13 plug locks into the outlet which means it cannot accidentally fall out. In the video, a CPU terminal is used as an example. The plug is plugged into the CPU and then the plug is tugged on to show that it will not just fall out of the CPU.

Not every c 13 types of plug has this special locking capability but you should know that this is an option that is available to help you to ensure you always have a reliable connection for your electrical component needs. Watch this video to learn more.