8 Great Jobs for Colorado Residents to Consider

There’s no denying that Colorado is a bustling hub of vitality and activity. But, despite these wonderful benefits, its liveliness can make the job market incredibly competitive. Thus, residents may constantly battle through the rat race of recruitment or work in roles that no longer satisfy their needs or lifestyles. Fortunately, this article will discuss several great jobs so that you can continue to maintain a prosperous life whilst in this state.

1. Teacher

Teachers have been around for centuries and, throughout history, have managed to broaden the minds of the younger generations. Whether there is a war or we are forced to isolate ourselves due to a pandemic, teachers stand at the forefront of these crises to ensure that the children always come first. If you believe that all teachers do is mark papers and give detentions, think again. There are so many great jobs within the education industry and a collection of different ways that you can enter this thriving job market. If you’re keen to become an elementary or high school teacher, you’ll be expected to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject as well as a wealth of accredited training certificates. During this time, you’ll also work on a series of placements, allowing you to gain a true taste of what teaching is actually like. For people who specialize in working alongside young children, you’re probably better off looking for jobs at a local preschool. These candidates are expected to have the same educational requirements as their elder counterparts but have the prime opportunity to track a child’s development in real-time. In turn, this is an ideal role for job seekers looking to push away from conventional teaching and focus on strengthening the minds and personalities of growing children. According to Salary.com, these teachers tend to earn an average of $38,930 per year.

2. Electrician

If you have previous experience as a tradesperson and want to move into a sector that offers an abundance of regular job opportunities, becoming an electrician is a fantastic way of finding some great jobs. These workers focus on a series of important electrical components, allowing them to work in a series of prominent niches from domestic electricity to highway maintenance. Thus, these workers can experience a new set of tasks every day, which is useful for those who want to implement a fiber optic feedthrough on Monday and home re-wiring on Tuesday. There is a selection of different paths you can take to enter this field, but it seems the most common is to learn the tricks of the trade as you go along. The vast majority of qualified electricians prefer to enroll in detailed apprenticeships and training programs so that they can gain a plethora of hands-on experience, whilst potentially getting paid. As a result, this is a useful thing to keep in mind if you want to enter a very lucrative industry but aren’t too keen on spending copious amounts of time and money on getting a college degree. Indeed suggests that these workers can earn around $28.61 per hour, which equals an average of $63,216 per year.

3. Scientist

Scientists remain at the spearhead of development, getting the chance to delve deeper into the nuances of our world. Science refers to a lot of different practices. Choosing a niche that you feel passionate about before you start applying for some of the great jobs available in this sector is advised. For example, if you’re looking to blend your passion for nature with your love of science, it’s advised that you look into the nuances of ecotoxicology. This branch explores how certain substances influence and interact with our environment, which may concern how our water systems are polluted by man-made chemicals or how bacteria and other microorganisms are impacting our plants. Despite the benefits associated with this role, it often requires candidates to undertake a wealth of academic commitments. Normally, these scientists must earn a Master’s or a Ph.D. in this field, so be prepared to spend hours completing research projects and analytical reports. Of course, this role would suit those who love to learn at a standard academic institution, but if you want to learn whilst on the job, this role may not be for you. Once you’ve completed all of these complex studies, you have the potential to earn a very decent living. Comparably reports that these individuals typically earn anywhere between $45,683 to $414,521 a year, but the average salary is $103,277.

4. Lawyer

Laws govern everything we do in the modern world, helping to teach us right from wrong and punish those who defy these rules. This field is incredibly complex and nuanced, so it’s no surprise that lawyers have to work very hard to get to these positions. But, the positive of this type of work is that there’s an abundance of great jobs to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to appease you. People interested in estate planning should become an estate or probate attorney. These professionals focus on helping people organize their wills and trusts so that their beneficiaries can get a fair share of their estates. You may be working with people approaching their golden years and are worried about getting their affairs in order before they pass, or you may be collaborating with grieving families who want to finalize their loved one’s belongings. Regardless of your client base, this is undoubtedly an ideal job for those who want to help others during their hardships. Alongside a JD Degree, these attorneys are expected to be well-versed in the Uniform Probate Code as well as the intricacies of property law. In turn, this is a great opportunity for those who want to immerse themselves in a deeply intruding subject and then apply this knowledge to a range of real-world situations. Pay Scale informs us that these lawyers tend to earn an average of $94,114 per year, which is an ideal salary for those who want to lead a very financially comfortable lifestyle.

For those who are looking to find more great jobs in this interesting sector, be sure to research the regular duties of elder law attorneys. These lawyers strive to advocate for the older generation, usually only working on cases that relate to those aged 65 or over. These cases may also refer to estate planning, but can also relate to other issues such as financial freedom and long-term care options during retirement. Again, this job requires candidates to have a JD degree but also favors those who understand the distinctions of medical ethics, health law, and public policy. In turn, this is a significant option for those who enjoy working alongside older citizens but don’t particularly want to work in a care home or a retirement village. Zip Recruiter notes that these attorneys usually earn around $108,160 per year, giving these individuals the chance to maintain a wealthy living.

5. Forensics Expert

Many of us enjoy catching up with our favorite true-crime documentaries after a long day at the office, but very few people realize that this could be their actual job. Forensics is a deeply compelling subject and is also home to an assortment of great jobs. After receiving your Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology, you’re all set to find a role in this intriguing sector. These individuals usually spend their days applying scientific methods to help them gather more information about the nature of a case and work to find the people responsible. Even though this job is not always as gory as it seems on TV, there are a few other options for those who don’t want to deal with the more gut-churning side of things. A computer forensic expert strives to find more information about a victim or perpetrator by diving into their digital devices and internet history. Thus, this role is perfect for those who want to be involved in a wealth of high-profile criminal cases, but don’t want to always be at the front of the action. Talent.com states that these experts can earn an average of $66,380, meaning that this is a viable option for job seekers who want to earn a decent living whilst completing a vacation that they love.

6. Home Builder

Construction is an immensely lucrative industry and home builders have the chance to see financial success whilst also getting to use their sense of creativity daily. If you’re keen to work on much larger projects that have the potential to earn a lot of money, you should think about starting a career producing custom built homes. These properties tend to be more affluent than their mass-produced counterparts, meaning that these contractors can explore various avenues and inspirations to help others achieve their dream homes. Though some high-end home builders spend many years of their lives studying architecture, many lower-level contractors have had the same level of success by completing an apprenticeship or similar technical college qualification. Thus, it seems that it’s more advantageous to build a desirable portfolio of projects rather than an abundance of book smarts. Plus, these workers are expected to gain a contractor’s license to ensure that they can adequately complete the projects at hand. Fin Models Lab explains that these contractors usually earn $70,000 to $100,000, making this a very profitable role within the construction sector.

7. Crane Operator

Cranes are responsible for lifting a collection of hefty materials and placing them in their desired locations, meaning that they’re a pivotal part of so many popular industries. Therefore, crane operators tend to be able to work on several exciting projects in a given period, like working on vast industrial sites or immense railway tracks. In turn, a crane service is an imperative asset for those who are eager to find some great jobs, especially for those who want to break free from the confines of their office and spend more time in the fresh air. Since these services are so in-demand, it may be more beneficial to work for an acclaimed crane rental company, rather than trying to defeat these high levels of competition as a self-employed crane operator. An added benefit of this type of job is that it requires no formal qualifications, suggesting that you can enter this sector straight away and don’t have to waste your valuable time earning certifications. Career Explorer also informs us that crane operators typically earn around $62,240 per year, but this salary can reach highs of $98,500 for the top 20% of workers.

8. Welder

Welding is an archaic profession, but this doesn’t distract from its usefulness in the modern age. These workers focus on using a premium stainless steel angle to generate a vast amount of heat so that it can join various pieces of metal together. Thus, welders get to create a series of everyday items from towel racks to decadent fire pits. If you want to see your handiwork on the shelves of supermarkets up and down the country, you need to start by gaining a high school diploma or a GED. Then, you can start applying to relevant training programs so that you can master the art of this trade, whilst also getting to work alongside acclaimed companies in your area. Despite not needing a college degree for this role, welders have the chance to earn a good living, with Zippia noting that they usually earn $39,696 per year.

Even though finding adequate employment opportunities in Colorado can be a tough process, there are some great jobs out there if you know where to look. Sometimes you need to take a leap outside your comfort zone and try to find something a little different to achieve your career goals. If you don’t want to change or develop a new career, there are many opportunities out there in your field to discover. Look at local job forums as well as reputable online job listing websites to find the best opportunities. On the contrary, if you’re looking to make a large career move shortly, consider implementing some of the tips and tricks explored throughout this article.