The Program

The Hometown Colorado Initiative (HCI) is a new, cross-disciplinary initiative led by the University of Colorado Denver that seeks to channel higher education toward the public good and catalyze community change toward livability. In HCI, faculty and students work directly on topics developed jointly by faculty and city staff. The city benefits from 40,000 to 60,000 student hours to advance projects aimed at enhancing livabiity goals. Students and faculty benefit from opportunities to work with a client on real-world projects. HCI is modeled after University of Oregon’s highly successful Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP) and is one of over 30 universities nationwide that have implemented an adaptation of SCYP.
HCI Faculty Participants are a key component in the success of this university- community initiative by working with the HCI Program Manager and HCI Faculty Leaders to create meaningful classroom experiences, high quality results for communities and promote the University of Colorado Denver’s value to the State of Colorado. HCI Faculty Participants will be provided $1000 of support in the form of either Faculty Development or a Participation Payment, whichever the faculty member prefers.

Benefits to Faculty

  • Connection with a community partner that has identified projects that are part of their livability goals.
  • Connection of disciplinary theory and knowledge to a real-world application that enriches the students’ opportunity to engage with local government.
  • Payment to one or two students selected by faculty to summarize the course’s project work for a report that the community receives.
  • Professional printing of reports, which also may serve as evidence of faculty work for annual review, promotion and tenure.
  • Great public-relations exposure for community engaged learning in both internal and external communications outlets.

Benefits to Students

  • A community project can provide increased engagement and learning in a course.
  • Students who can show real-world experience have an edge in job applications.
  • Students can make a difference now; they do not have to wait until graduation.


March 2018: 2018-2019 Community Partner announced.

March 2018: Complete final draft of Hometown Colorado 2018 – 19 project list.

March – May 2018: Hometown Colorado and the partner match proposed projects with academic courses and faculty. Working together, they develop scope of work documents for each project and course pairing. Hometown Colorado and partner develop and sign contract.

Summer 2018: Partner staff provides background information and documents for projects.

Fall 2018: Hometown Colorado kick-off event. Fall term classes work on HCI projects.

Spring 2019: Spring classes work on HCI projects. Fall term written reports are delivered to the partner.

April 2019: Hometown Colorado wrap-up celebration.

Summer 2019: Spring term written reports delivered to partner.



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