Creative Ways to Use Bleach to Tie Dye Shirts

Are you looking for fun craft ideas to do with your friends in Colorado? You will want to find something that is cheap and easy so everyone can participate. Tie dying shirts can be great fun unless you don’t want to spend the time or money it takes to get your hands on some dye. Instead, consider using bleach to create some great artsy shirts and funny t-shirts too! You can pick up bleach from most groceries stores in Colorado and you may even have some already lying around in your home. When you’re ready to get started, watch this video for three ways to use bleach to dye your shirts!

When you get ready to do this craft with your friends, keep in mind that it works best with dark-colored clothing such as navy, black, and brown. If you use light-colored shirts then the effect will not be as good.

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Gather your materials, including rubber bands, gloves, and of course the bleach. It is very important that you protect your skin and eyes from the bleach. The first thing to do is spin your clothing into a ball and secure it with the rubber bands. However you roll it will determine the design you end up with. The video will show you three different techniques. Be very careful when you then begin to dye the clothing. It will happen quickly and remember to stay safe.