Common Allergies in Dogs and Best Practices for Dog Owners

Is your pet suffering from a troubled stomach and diarrhea? They may have a food allergy. Don’t worry, as dog allergies are fairly common and there are many options for dog food for dogs with food allergies!

Some of the most common allergies dogs have are to dairy products, chicken, beef, eggs, gluten, and soy. Unfortunately, many dog foods include these products. In fact, the best dry dog food for allergies may include less common proteins, such as bison, duck, and sheep.

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When it comes to pet nutrition and your dog’s food allergies, talk to your vet.

They may suggest having your dog try limited ingredient dog foods. This diet allows you to eliminate different foods your dog may be allergic to. The limited ingredients will help you narrow down what bothers your dog and what doesn’t! With so many kinds of limited ingredient dog food, try out a few different brands to see what your dog likes best.

The best diet for dogs with allergies isn’t a cut-and-dry answer. Every dog is different, as there are many breeds and sizes of dogs to consider! The best thing to do is speak with your vet and consider how to determine what your dog is allergic to specifically. This way, you can determine the best allergy diet for dogs for your furry friend.